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Theatre Arts Tour

February-March 2018

Presented at Pinwheel Arts (Minneapolis, MN), University of Minnesota Duluth (Duluth, MN), and Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL).

Trope Math Workshop taught at above locations as well as Tulane University (New Orleans, LA) and in Chicago, IL.

Created by Eric Larson, Neva Dalager, and Jo Kellen. Directed by Eric Larson.

Dramaturgy by Charles Campbell.

Freshmen/Student Performer Cameos: Genevieve Wisdom, Emma Lai, Carolyn Solberg (Minneapolis), Tyler Carlson, Alexis Larson, Katie Keller (Duluth), Lillie Brody, Tori Dominguez, and Kenneth Moore (FSU).

A heavily revised and remade iteration of the 2016 production, Theatre Arts tries to uncover the lessons the creators didn't realize they'd learned throughout their college theatre education. Why is everyone doing that thing with their hands? What is in the water? At once excavating and scrambling the micro-conventions of theatrical acting, the performers weave through styles, genres, and educational institutions as they reckon with the ways their training has shaped their behavior and perceptions of themselves.

Funded through generous contributions from Gofundme donors and the University of Minnesota - Duluth.

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