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Meme Town

October 2017

Walker Art Center

Curated by Eric Larson. Featuring artists Ryan Aasen, Meena Mangalvedhekar, Chris Cloud, Paige Carlson, Mitch Stahlmann, and Skyler Nowinski. Featuring panelists Rye Gentleman, Ziyang Wu, and Claire Carroll. Part of the Mn Artists Presents [Your Name Here] platform.

At Meme Town, attendees could explore the elusive and entertaining form of the internet meme alongside Minnesota artists from a range of disciplines including visual art, performance, and music. Through interactive installations, digital playgrounds, conversation stations, and memes circulated before and after the event, artists and scholars helped populate the meme landscape in imaginative new ways. A Meme Town Hall conversation on the challenges that memes present to preexisting notions of community, culture, and aesthetics concluded the evening (can be viewed here).

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