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August-September 2015, February 2016

Performed at Proper Baby: Work In and Out of Progress at The Southern Theater, Err XI at honey mpls, and Cellular Cinema 10: The Art of Layering curated by Kevin Obsatz at Bryant Lake Bowl.

Written and digital animation created by Eric Larson. Composed in collaboration with, and performed by Ed Euclide, Joni Griffith, Jo Kellen, Mauricio Jordan, Haley Mosely, and Neva Dalager. Cellular Cinema version performed by Jo Kellen, Neva Dalager, Austin Ruh, and Ryan Bockenhauer.


Skybox is a choral work featuring digital animation. It wanders through mediocrity, reification, and silliness.

"Have some fun in the Skybox/Don’t compare in the Skybox/Can’t go into the Skybox/Sensory sensory Skybox…"


Emily Gastineau on Skybox:

"The moment hits me with just the right measure of absurdity, and there’s enough conviction in the performance that I don’t care what the Skybox is or who the people are or what it’s supposed to mean. The form contains just enough meaning for me not to care about meaning."

The lyrics for Skybox are published in err: volume one, Beaver Pond Press 2017.

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