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June 2014-present

Works-In-Progress showings presented at 3-Play curated by Gülgün Kayim/Skewed Visions, The Map Is the Territory curated by Fire Drill at Fresh Oysters – Performance Research, and the FURY Factory Festival in San Francisco, CA. The completed work presented at Red Eye Theater, March 2018.

Created with Lisa Channer and Dan Dukich. Directed in various iterations by Carra Martinez, Samantha Johns, and Joel Sass.

Interactive media design by Eric Larson.


“RANT is based on R. Buckminster Fuller’s two day lecture entitled “everything I know” and Lisa Channer’s father’s 40 years as a cable news talk show host in Manhattan. It is about the ethics of parenting, failure in all forms, and how to hold many ideas together at the same time.”

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