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Mazel Tov: A Bar Mitzvah

January 2014

University of Minnesota’s Xperimental Theater

Written and Directed by Eric Larson. Dramaturgy by Aviva Gellman. Featuring Aviva Gellman, Neva Dalager, Jordan Zurn, Emily Sullivan, Meron Ayele, Lily Noonan, Anna Crandall, Peter Matheson, Joe Eisenmenger, Evan O’Brien, Zach Holmquist, Laini Devin, and Ryan Lundberg.


Mazel Tov: A Bar Mitzvah is an adaptation of the traditional Jewish ceremony. Reenacting the coming-of-age of a 13-year-old boy using all college students, the performance wrestles with nostalgia, cultural otherness, and personal history to stage a progressively stranger ritual about transition.

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