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Frustum Culling

September 2016

Presented at Proper Baby: Work In an Out of Progress at The Southern Theater


“Frustum culling is the process of discarding objects not visible on the screen. As we don't see them – we don't need to spend [computer] resources to prepare [the screen] for rendering…” -


Frustum Culling is a digital animation that repeatedly crashes the viewer through an abstract 3D assemblage. Considering the materiality of digitally-rendered objects, Frustum Culling applies a poetics to the rendering processes and hardware labor required to generate a 3D image.

Emily Gastineau on Frustum Culling:

"The aesthetic is distinctly 90s, recalling an era of digital graphics that seems antiquated now. I wonder if that aesthetic serves as a kind of digital medium specificity—since it’s not slick, it makes you remember the building blocks of the medium, the various hands and algorithms that built the image."

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