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Download-Activities for the Chicken Soul

Release 0: August 2014, Release 1: February 2015

Distributed online.


A series of audio-based, participant-enacted performances. Listeners engage with the tracks in different ways depending on the piece. Release 0 featured a duet between two participants listening to a woman with dementia tell a story, a guided meditation through defecation, a massage without touching, and free-associative riffing between two performers trying to find their characters. Release 1 featured tracks from Twin Cities artists exploring self-help, charity, cuteness, and improvisation.


Release 0:

Written and created by Eric Larson. Digital booklet design by Nico Swenson.

“Cool Cloud Dude” features Ed Euclide and Jo Kellen.

“Summer Heater for Two” features Serena Kaplan and Eric Larson.

“Track #2: Funneling Acceptance Through the Bowels” features Carra Martinez.

“Massage Awareness Week” features Billy Mullaney.


Release 1:

Curated by Eric Larson. Digital booklet design by Shannon Fletcher.

“Commodical” created by Abbie Gobeli.

“Design my Life” created by Samantha Johns.

“Salzburg Classic Salami” created by Mozart and Friends.

“you will make good” created by Jo Kellen.

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