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Note: This site is out of date. For information on Eric's current projects, check out

I write, direct, and create unconventional theatrical performances about how we think, how we are influenced, and how conventions shape our perceptions of each other. My pieces are case studies that examine particular ways in which norms appear fixed, but in fact are provisional and wobbly. My work creates space for the confused, embarrassed, and gloriously awkward parts of us that emerge through witnessing and participating in ruptures of expectations. I am strongly influenced by artistic practices that are unfolding outside of contemporary art spaces, like the remixing of internet memes, the creation of fan fiction, and the development of conspiracy theories that re-frame what we see and what we look for. Due to my training in theatre, I am also deeply fascinated (and disturbed) by theatrical conventions and tropes, particularly the ways theatrical acting shapes the behavior of the mind and body.


I am also the director of Intermediate Meme Museum.

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